Speaker: John Sherlock
1 March 2022

John explains how industrialisation changed the world of architecture and how the Victorian Gothic revival did so much to define our national landscape in Britain. In this richly illustrated lecture John discusses the prevailing styles of architecture to be found in early 19th century Britain – with a focus on ‘Regency’ and ‘Neo-classicism’.

So why then did the Victorians fall in love with Gothic again? There are a number of different factors and influences, and John picks out Ruskin and Prince Albert as being the key catalysts. It was a time of political and social upheaval so it is impossible to overlook the politics of the period, but John concludes with a celebration of Victorian innovation and engineering.

An engineer by training Hohn spent much of his working life in the City and now runs his own business advising the owners of historic houses and landscapes, counting the National Trust and the Crown Estate among his clients.