Our new website is at www.theartssocietyrichmond.org.uk

Please click on the link above for the most up-to-date information. We are no longer updating this old website of ours.


We don’t have a waiting list and we would love you to become a member. Just fill in our online membership form and we’ll phone you back very quickly.

If you would like a chat please telephone Jenny Lebus, who is the Chairman, on 020 8892 9696 or send a brief email to richmond@theartssociety.org or complete our Contact Us form or just turn up at the door on a lecture evening.

We are famous for our friendly welcome to new members. That starts right from the beginning with a welcome telephone call from one of the committee, usually from Richard Lebus. And when you arrive for your first event which will usually be a lecture, we take you under our wing and introduce you to other members. You are never left to cope on your own.

Our annual membership fees are £40 single, £75 double but we reduce the fees as we get closer to the end of our membership year on 30th June.

If you’d like to try us out, please pop along for a taster, no ticket needed, just turn up on the door.  We will charge you £5 for attending the lecture in person (except for the May and September lectures which are free) or £7 if you view the lecture on Zoom via Eventbrite, but both are refunded to you if you join. The £2 difference is to cover Eventbrite’s fees. 

If you are an artist such as a painter or sculptor, you might prefer the similarly named Richmond Art Society whose website is at www.richmondartsociety.com.

Members may be interested in the lectures offered by our neighbouring societies, The Arts Society ChiswickThe Arts Society KingstonThe Arts Society Wimbledon and The Arts Society South West London in Putney. Members attending any of those lectures would have to pay their guest fee. And of course there are the study days, courses and other events of The Arts Society Greater London Area.

Sometimes it’ll be obvious to you which Society you should join but if, you are undecided, you shouldn’t base your decision just on the titles of the lectures being offered because the lecturers and their lectures are all chosen from the same pool known as The Arts Society’s Directory of Lecturers, nor should you base your decision on the membership fee because the fees are ridiculously low. Rather you should base your decision on the following factors – are the lectures given during the day or evening, how easy is it to get to the venue by public transport, is there parking at or near the venue, are the lectures recorded so you can watch them later, how many lectures are there each year, how many study mornings, how many visits, how many trips? Also how friendly is the Society?

We look forward to welcoming you to Richmond.