Church Recording involves working with a partner within a group and recording one of many aspects of a church – eg the wood carvings, the plate, the stonework, the plaques and memorials etc.  You work with someone you know or we can put people together. When the task has been completed, the Record is collated. A copy is kept by the church and one goes to each of the Victoria and Albert Museum and Church House. The Record is invaluable as, among other benefits, things that are damaged or broken in the church can be replaced exactly as before. It is usually a long term project but you do it at times to suit you and the person with whom you work.

We currently have a Church Recording group to record all the treasures, furnishings and artefacts at St Mary with St Alban Church in Ferry Road, Teddington TW11 9NN which is at the river end of the High Street, near Teddington Lock.  Several bus routes stop nearby and we may be able to arrange car shares.

The group meets for about 3 hours once a month but it’s very flexible and attendance is of course not needed every month.  No experience or expertise is required, just interest and enthusiasm. Training will be provided by The Arts Society.

It is the only Church Recording project in London outside the City.

If you would like to join the group please email Sue Stevens at