Here is a list of frequently asked quesions but please do contact Richard Lebus on 020 8892 9696 or at if you want to know something else. After replying to you, we will add the answer to the list so that all members know.

1.    Is there a membership joining fee? – No

2.    Is there a waiting list? – No

3.    How do I join?Click here

4.    Where is the membership form?Click here

5.    What is the membership fee?Click here

6.    When are the lectures? – First Tuesday of the month (not January).

7.    What time are the lectures? – One-hour lecture at 8pm. We usually serve drinks from 7pm but not right at the moment because the church is being renovated and we can’t get access to the café before the lecture. The only access to the café is via the lecture room that we are using temporarily and that room is used by a children’s ballet class before our lecture.

8.    What is the next lecture?Click here

9.    Can I come along to a lecture if I’m not a member? – Yes, you are most welcome to come along.  No ticket needed.  Just turn up and pay £5 on the door.  We’ll refund the £5 if you join.

10.    Can I bring more than one guest? – Yes, bring as many friends as you’d like. Non-members pay £5 per person which is refunded if the guest joins as a member.  Note though that the May and November lectures are free, not £5.

11.  Is there a lecture in August? – Yes

12.  Is there a lecture in January? – No

13.  Where are the lectures held? Duke Street Church, Duke Street, Richmond TW9 1DH

14.  Where are the study mornings held?Duke Street Church, Duke Street, Richmond TW9 1DH

15.  Where do I get the coach for visits?Old Deer Park Car Park

16.  How do I get my membership and programme cards? – Programme cards are available (to members only) at every lecture and are posted to members who supply a stamped addressed envelope. Send your stamp addressed envelope to Richard Lebus at 238 St Margaret’s Road, Twickenham TW1 1NL.  There are no longer any membership cards – The Arts Society stopped producing them in 2021.

17.  How do I apply to go on a visit or study day? – You apply online to go on visits and study days.  We will email you the link for each one and the links are also on the Visits page and the Study Days page. If there is no link, that means that the link has not been set up yet.

18.  Queries about a specific visit or study day? – Contact the organiser. There are definitely no places left if there is no link on the Visits page or on the Study Days page.

19.  Are there still places on a trip? – Contact Richard Lebus on 020 8892 9696 or email him at Bookings are accepted in order of receipt of booking forms.

20.  Do I need to be a member to go on the visits, study days and trips? – There’s no hard and fast rule. We do welcome non-members of course but members take precedence if an event is oversubscribed. The best thing to do is to check with the organiser of the event.

21. I have lost my application form. How do I get a replacement? – All the present forms are on this website. See the Visits page or on the Study Days page

22.  What is the Gift Aid amount for this year and recent years?Click here

23.  What do I make cheques payable to? – The Arts Society Richmond.  Please do separate cheques for each visit, study day or lunch party.

24.  What are the bank details? – Sort code: 40-38-18, account 31024191 in the name of The Arts Society Richmond. When you do a bank transfer please don’t put your name in the reference box because your name shows automatically on our bank statement. The reference should say what the transfer is for. You don’t need to do separate transfers for different things. You just need to send an email to

25.  How do I pay my subscription by direct debit? – It takes two minutes to fill in the direct debit form with your name, email address and bank details. Click here for single membership and click here for double membership.

26.  Can I use a paper form to set up a direct debit? – No.  We use a company called GoCardless to process our direct debits because they do not charge a monthly fee.  It’s an online company so there is no paper form.

27.  When are subscriptions payable? – Subscriptions are due on 1st July.

28.  Who do I contact about volunteering? – Contact Jenny Lebus on 020 8892 9696 or email her at

29.  What are the contact details of a committee member? Click here

30.  What is your postal address? – 238 St Margaret’s Road, Twickenham TW1 1NL

31.  What is your email address? –

32.  What is your phone number? – Call 020 8892 9696 or 07989 737582 to speak to Richard Lebus.

33.  Why do you ask for email addresseses to be in capitals when my email address is in little letters? – We ask for email addresses to be in capitals so that we can read them. When we type your email address in to our membership database we use little letters but actually the worldwide email system does not recognise the difference between a big letter and a little letter.

34.  Terms and conditions – Click here