02 July Lecture History, Design and Evolution of Balls
16 July Visit Chenies Manor, Rickmansworth
06 Aug Lecture Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn
08 Aug Visit National Portrait Gallery
03 Sept Lecture Mad Men and Artists: How the Advertising Industry Exploits Fine Art. This is a “Bring Friends Free” lecture.
05 Sept Visit Cambridge: Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Trinity College and Queen’s College
01 Oct Lecture A Kelmscott Chaucer for our Times
23 Oct Visit Walk around Kings Cross and St Pancras
05 Nov Lecture How to Steal a Million
08 Nov Study Day          Chinese Imperial Court Life and Costumes
14 Nov Visit Shakespeare Walk
03 Dec Lecture Optical Entertainment before the Movies


22 Jan Visit The V&A: Exploring the History of the Building
04 Feb Lecture The Magic of Prague: Czech Art and Culture
19 Feb Visit Fashion at the V&A: A tour of the Fashion and British Galleries
03 Mar  Lecture Country House Architecture at the End of the 19th Century
11 Mar  Visit A Musical Walk around Covent Garden
13 Mar  Study Day Silverware
02 April Visit Mithraeum and Roman London Walk
07 April Lecture “So They Do Cook, After All!” – Ravillious, Bawden and the Great Bardfield Artists
05 May Lecture Hogarth, Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China. This is a “Bring Friends Free” lecture.
15 May Study Day The Silk Road: A Journey of Wool, Cotton and Silk
21 May Visit  Bath: The Holburne Museum and American Museum & Gardens
02 June Lecture Last Supper in Pompeii (to be confirmed)
17 June Visit Mottisfont and Romsey Abbey
07 July AGM AGM at 7.30pm before the 8pm lecture
07 July Lecture Threads of History: The World of The Bayeux Tapestry
13 July Visit Basildon Park
04 Aug Lecture “Dear Eddie”: Charles Mackie, Good Friends of Edward Hornel