The Arts Society Richmond is a member society of The Arts Society which is the trading name of our national charity which is still named the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, Registered Charity Number 1089743, Office of Scottish Charities Number SC039240.

The Arts Society Richmond itself is not a charity.

We pay part of your subscription over to The Arts Society. This was called the Affiliation Fee but it is now called the Recovery Charge.  It is the Recovery Charge figure that you should put on your Tax Return as your Gift Aid donation, not the full subscription.

The Recovery Charge/Gift Aid amounts for recent years are as follows:-

£13.80 for the subscription that you paid in 2020
£12.82 for the subscription that you paid in 2021
£14.21 for the subscription that you paid in 2022
£15.94 for the subscription that you paid in 2023
£15.94 for the subscription that you will pay in 2024, the same as 2023

We will update this list when the next Gift Aid figure has been confirmed by The Arts Society.

The Gift Aid figure for 2021 was less than that for 2020 because of a subsidy from The Arts Society.