3 September 2013
Gilded Glories, The Fascinating History of Gilded Decoration
Speaker: Joanne Mabbutt

1 October 2013
“The Master” – Noel Coward as Actor, Writer and Painter
Speaker: Frances Hughes

5 November 2013
Fakes and Forgeries
Speaker: Malcolm Kenwood

3 December 2013
Bottoms Up! A History of Wine, its Rituals and Vessels
Speaker: Andy McConnell

4 February 2014
Fruit and Flowers: Still Life from the Greeks to Picasso
Speaker: Clare Ford-Wille

4 March 2014
Bridges – The Aesthetic Achievement of Practical Need
Speaker: Geoffrey Toms

1 April 2014
The Romance of Pearls
Speaker: Susan Rumfitt

6 May 2014
Joseph Wright of Derby and the Men of the Lunar Society
Speaker: Leslie Primo

3 June 2014
The History of the Harp
Speaker: Sarah Deere-Jones

1 July 2014
Australian Aboriginal Art
Speaker: Rebecca Hossack

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