Speaker: Tobias Capwell
6 June 2017

The discovery of the grave of Richard III in Leicester raised an army of new, fascinating questions. The severe scoliosis exhibited by the last Plantagenet King’s skeleton revealed that the twisted physique of “Shakespeare’s “Black Legend” did have some basis in fact. This lecture discusses the results of the latest research and experimentation carried out by the lecturer for the Channel 4 documentary “Richard III: The New Evidence”.

Tobias cannot remember a time when he was not interested in the Middle Ages. He began riding at the age of eleven so that he would be ready to joust when the time came. Come it did: eight years later he was facing his first opponent in front of three thousand people. Toby has been living his dream ever since, jousting in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and America. An American by birth, he moved to England in 1996 as a founding member of the Royal Armouries jousting team. When not on horseback Toby pursues his academic career as Curator of Arms and Armour at the world-famous Wallace Collection in London.