Speaker: Ray Warburton
7 May 2019

At heart David Hockney is a figurative painter, painting people and places that he knows and have meaning for him. Yet as he was learning his trade, modern art was changing and new art movements from America were in the ascendency. After dabbling briefly with Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, he embarked on a number of strategies that enabled him to continue painting people and places while at the same time being modern and cutting-edge. This lecture will focus on how these strategies played out in some of his most famous paintings including his great double portraits and swimming pool pictures.

Ray studied art history at the Open University and at the University of Buckingham. He is a Guide at Tate Britain and Tate Modern where he leads public tours of all the permanent displays and he also undertakes exhibition tours. He is an experienced public speaker who has given presentations and lectures on a range of themes to diverse audiences over many years.