Speaker: Lars Tharp
4 May 2021

A ‘cracking’ talk.  It will fundamentally change your view of William Hogarth. Pots, crocks and chinaware tumble through Hogarth’s domestic dramas.  His detailed paintings and prints are wittily infiltrated with recognizable ceramics  – earthenwares, stonewares and ‘china’-  in an age drunk on Luxury.  Potters across continents compete with each other, fuelled by the ‘china mania’ gripping the emerging middle classes.  And Hogarth catches them. And in an ironic twist: Hogarth’s own images are themselves translated onto clay. A typical post-talk plaudit: “I shall never look at Hogarth in the same way again”.

Since his 1986 debut on the BBC Antiques Roadshow (and all series since), Lars has spoken widely within and beyond the UK. With over 40 years of experience in ceramics and other areas, he aims to combine compelling narrative with enthusiasm and humour.

Born in Copenhagen, Lars studied Archaeology at Cambridge and joined Sothebys where, as a director and auctioneer (1977-1993), he specialised in Chinese and European ceramics. Today his consultancy devises and curates exhibitions, advises on the acquisition, care and disposal of ceramics. He also speak a lot: many of his most popular talks concern the vast universe of clay and ceramics as well as the world and works of William Hogarth.