Tuesday 2 July 2019
AGM at 7.30pm
Lecture at 8pm
A Load of Old Balls
Speaker: Simon Inglis
Cricket balls were made of cork, worsted, hemp, brown oats, suet, lard, alum, stale ale and dragon’s blood. Can this really be true or is it just a load of old balls?
Following the July lecture, the committee invites you to stay for drinks and nibbles.

Tuesday 6 August 2019
Fortitude and Fancy – Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn
Speaker: Nicholas Henderson
The story of Henry VIII’s two most important queens, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, and the social, religious and political consequences of their struggles for ascendancy.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Art in Advertising
Speaker: Tony Rawlins
How the advertising industry exploited fine art

Tuesday 1 October 2019
A Kelmscott Chaucer
Speaker: Dominic Riley

Tuesday 5 November 2019
How to Steal a Million
Speaker: Shauna Isaac

Tuesday 3 December 2019
Optical Entertainment Before the Movies
Speaker: Andrew Gill

Tuesday 4 February 2020
The Magic of Prague
Speaker: Gavin Plumley

Tuesday 3 March 2020
Great Fire of Westminster 1834
Speaker: Christopher Rogers

Tuesday 7 April 2020
So They Do Cook, After All! – Ravilious, Bawden and the Great Bardfield Artists
Speaker: Jo Walton

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China
Speaker: Lars Tharp

Tuesday 2 June 2020
Last Supper in Pompeii (to be confirmed)
Speaker: Paul Roberts

Tuesday 7 July 2020
Threads of History: The World of the Bayeux Tapestry
Speaker: Rupert Willoughby

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