Wednesday 27 October 2021
Jacqueline Cockburn on Spanish Art in a Golden Age
This Study Morning will take you on a Spanish journey from Toledo to Seville and on to Madrid. We will explore El Greco and his art and relationship with the city of Toledo then move on to Velázquez who left Seville as a young boy to make his name in Madrid.  Our speaker, Jacqueline Cockburn, lectures at The Arts Society, the V&A, Christies Education and several other prestigious institutions. Her specialist field is Western European art from 1790 to 1950 and she has particular knowledge of both the art and literature of France and Spain. 

Wednesday 16 February 2022
Chris Alexander on The Silk Road
We will explore the Silk Road through the lens of textiles and how wool, silk and cotton changed the fortunes, cultures and landscape of Central Asia and we will we examine how Central Asia came under Russian and Soviet influence and how art was used in propaganda, moulding and influencing the Muslim peoples now under Russian atheist rule. We will hear how independence of ‘the -stans’ has led to a resurgence in art and textiles, particularly the silk carpet workshop founded by Chris, reviving 15th century carpet design based on Persian illuminated manuscripts.

Tuesday 12 April 2022
UKRAINE BENEFIT STUDY MORNING with Arts Society lecturer Dr Kathy McLaughlan
We raised the wonderful sum of £8,050 which we donated to the British Red Cross Ukraione Crisis Appeal
We are indebted to Tixoom whom have waived their ticketing fees.

10.30-11.30am.  Lecture 1: Ilya Repin (1844-1930 born Chuhiv, Kharkiv province in modern day Ukraine). An introduction to this prolific and astounding realist painter, famous for his portraits and his genre and historical paintings.
11.30-12 Break
12-1pm.  Lecture 2: An introduction to the stunning, thought provoking and awe-inspiring landscapes of Arkhip Kuindzhi (1841-1910 born in Mariopol in modern day Ukraine), Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898 born in Yelabuga, Russia), and Isaac Levitan (1860-1900 born in Kibarty in modern day Lithuania)

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Lucrezia Walker on The Golden Age of Dutch Art
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The Modern Art Market began in 17th century Holland where travellers to the Low Countries observed that there were more artists than butchers in Amsterdam! Lucrezia explains what drove this new market in this new republic of the Dutch Golden Age.

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